Former U-M Dearborn softball player was pregnant at time of murder; 2 arrested

As if the case was not tragic enough, Kabria Arnold was pregnant when she was murdered. Two people have now been arrested, a 24-year-old Monday morning, and Arnold's ex-boyfriend.

"She's gone and no matter how many years they get - or don't get, they are still breathing and she's not," said Diane Arnold, her mother.   

The arrests of two suspects in the chilling murder of 20-year-old Kabria Arnold provided only so much comfort for the family she was taken away from.

Police say Kabria was gunned down two Sundays ago on Pilgrim and Bentler after meeting someone. Investigators believe they know who it was.

"We believe it had some domestic issues involved in it," said Police Chief James Craig Tuesday. “But we have two people in custody as of today."

One of them is a 24-year-old woman the other a 28-year-old man police believe pulled the trigger.

Kabria's family says he was her ex-boyfriend and father of her unborn child.

"The only person who has this answer is the person who did it and the person who's getting ready to lie in a graveyard," said Kirk Arnold, the victim's father.
Kabria's family knew the man police say killed their daughter but never imagined something like this could happen. He sat, ate and celebrated milestones with them.

"The last time I saw the young man was actually on my birthday, the last time I saw my sister on my birthday," said Brandon Mitchell, Kabria's brother-in-law. "So it's a big shock to all of us. So I've got to live with forever on my birthday, and the guy that was in my house is in custody."

Kabria was a natural athlete and softball standout. She played at Morgan State University in Maryland and more recently, was on the University of Michigan-Dearborn team. Her family says she knew both suspects from school. They say the young woman in custody was in a relationship with the man police believed pulled the trigger.

Kabria's mother is vowing to do whatever she can to prevent the kind of violence that took her daughter's life.
"Whatever made him snap and think to do it, that's the nucleus of where I want to start - not at the end," Diane Arnold said. "What built them up to that point so we can nip it in the bud long before it becomes repetition and then execution."

The funeral arrangements for Kabria Arnold are as follows: 

Visitation - 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Friday at the James H. Cole Funeral Home, 16100 Schaefer Highway.

Funeral - 10:30 family hour, 11 a.m. service Saturday at Fellowship Chapel.