FOUND: Pontiac woman missing from bus stop discovered safe

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FOUND: Paris Marve has been discovered safe at an area hospital. The family would not provide further information 

A Pontiac woman beginning a new chapter in her life is now missing. Paris Marve boarded a bus to move south but during a transfer stop in Detroit, she disappeared. Now, her family is fearing the worst.

"I am more worried than anything," says Solomon Marve, her brother. "I'm scared for her honestly."

He says his 26-year-old sister, Paris, was on her way to Alabama to live with their older sister. Last Sunday, he and his brother dropped her off at the Indian Trails bus station in Pontiac. They watched her board the bus, but she never made it to Alabama.

"I'm asleep," Solomon says, "the next thing I know, I got a call from her saying she needed a ride. I asked where she was at; she was at a random guy's house. She said they wouldn't let her on the bus."

Paris missed her connecting Greyhound bus at the downtown Detroit location. She was issued another ticket for the next morning, but instead of waiting at the closed bus station, we're told she started walking all the way to a random home at McNichols and John R in Detroit.

"She went to go get help, to get a phone call, and called me," Solomon says. "What I am not understanding is, where he's saying he lives at, and where the Greyhound bus is at, is far."

FOX 2 spoke to the man who let Paris use his phone around 2:30 a.m. Monday. He told us she called her family, who told her to wait on the porch of the home for a few hours until they could pick her up. The man said Paris, who seemed scared and distraught, waited for a while, but then she started walking away and hasn't been seen since.

"She is not capable of taking care of herself," Solomon says. "She does not know Detroit, and she doesn't trust anybody."

Relatives say they were just able to file a missing person report with the Oakland County Sheriff's Office. Her phone is dead and they say there has been no activity on social media.

Paris left with all she had, and as each day passes without hearing from her the family can't help but fear the worst.

"I just want her to be safe," Solomon said. "I just want her to be alive and I just want her to be safe."

Her brother says Paris has never run away before or taken off without telling anyone where she is or calling.

Anyone with information call the Oakland County Sheriff's Office at (248) 858-4951.