Four weight loss rules to follow - made to work with any diet

Losing weight is not easy, keeping it off can be even harder.  We know there's no magic solution but we do have four rules that are worth following. 
University of Michigan Dr. Mark Moyad wants us to discover how to, as he puts it, eat water, by way of vegetables. That's rule number one.

Deena: "Jicama?"

"Yes," Dr. Moyad said. "It is native to Mexico, it is a root vegetable, and what people don't realize, is that you are talking about a couple calories for an entire stick, and you are talking about a couple of grams of fiber. So, in a 50 calorie cup, you get six grams of fiber, virtually no sodium, and a ton of potassium and vitamin C."

Deena: "You know what you don't get? A ton of flavor."

Rule number two, do not give up - even as your body is telling you to. 

"As you lose weight, at least temporarily, your appetite goes up, metabolism goes down," he said. "Talk about sabotage. That tends to be temporary - that is why sticking to things whether it is six months, nine months, can overcome that. Initially, it's so hard."

Rule number three, find your plan - meaning what will you stick to?

"It comes down to personality," he said. "Some like low-carb, some like high carb, some people like moderate protein, some like higher protein. It is what's going to keep you happy, compliant and adherent. There's no one single answer I don't dismiss any diet."

Rule number four, it's hard for me to say but, rethink the olive oil.

"People talk about how much they love olive oil," Dr. Moyad said.

Deena: "I do love olive oil."

Instead of calorie-dense olive oil, or any oil, consider  one of these zero calorie sprays instead.

Deena: "But it's a healthy fat."

"But if you get a healthy amount of anything filled with huge amounts of calories, you run into trouble," he said.

Dr. Moyad also says if you want to take supplements or medications, ask you doctor about these changes, because there might be an option available to help you, that you don't know about.