FOX 2 helps Dearborn police track down suspect

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When a suspect with a suspended license and multiple warrants ran from the cops, he thought he lost them when he ditched his car. But he didn't lose SkyFox.

The eye in the sky was overhead in Dearborn as police chased the suspect. Eventually, he got out of the car and walked away. Police lost sight of him as the suspect took a few sips of coffee. Our chopper didn't lose him though.

We followed him as he tried to hide between two houses in Dearborn and even relayed to police where he was hiding.

Police were chasing the driver, who had a suspended license, at speeds that reached 90 miles per hour.

"He went through Dearborn, hit a couple side streets, alleys," Dearborn Heights Police Cpl. Kevin DeHart said. "A lot of suspensions on his record and he had warrants, so I'm sure that's the reason why he took off."

The driver, who police say was driving on a suspended license, making quick turns down side streets, alluding police. The chase went from Dearborn Heights to Dearborn and back again, with officers on the ground looking to SkyFox for help

"They were able to help us figure out where he was running," DeHart said.

With communication from eyes in the sky, police were able to stay in pursuit, while keeping others safe. With no cops in sight, the suspect in his 30s, parks, and casually walks away, trying to keep a low profile between houses and buildings.

"Somebody, from channel 2 I believe it was, was on the phone with our dispatcher who was relaying the message from the helicopter to our dispatcher and everything just ended up perfectly, you helped us out great," DeHart said.

Then police were able to make the arrest without incident. Despite the high speeds and dangerous driving, nobody was hurt.

"These always end up bad and thank god it didn't everybody is fine and nobody got hurt," DeHart said.