FOX 2 investigates after fire hydrant leaking so badly residents cover it in duct tape

Residents on Salem Street on Detroit's west side upset over a leaking hydrant that isn't getting the city's attention.

Some residents say the hydrant has been leaking for a week...  and despite calls to the city for help it's still leaking and only a barricade from the city was placed near the hydrant

"They should fix it right away," said Donald Holmes.

A concerned citizen also attached a sign to this hydrant because of fears over fires around Halloween in Detroit...

Someone even thought they could resolve the issue by covering the hydrant in tape.

"Just look at the fire hydrant with duct tape that itself says that Detroit is not helping out the community whatsoever," Derrian Shelton said.

City officials say they hear residents' frustrations and they are working to fix the hydrant...

Officials say a crew was sent Friday to do repairs... But some are asking why the hydrant wasn't fixed sooner

"There are a number of repairs that the Detroit Water and Sewage Department does across the city so we prioritize those and this is one of the repairs we were going to get to, we just hadn't gotten to this point yet," said Bryan Peckinpaugh of the City of Detroit.

City officials say the most efficient way to report an issue is through the Improve Detroit app.

"It goes right into our work order system," Peckinpaugh said.

But this resident has this message for city officials:

"Try to help out community the best you can," Shelton said. "Don't just sit around and let everything start to fall apart."