Fugitive arrested for fatal 2012 DUI crash could be released with GPS tether

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It is a day John Arcand and his family has anticipated for years - to finally see Christopher Gaines in court.

"We've waited, this guy's been in hiding," said Arcand.

Gaines is accused of driving drunk causing a fatal crash taking the life of David Arcand. The crash happened I-96 near M-39 back in 2012.

A state trooper actually pulled the suspect Gaines, out of wreck. He in turn went on the run from U.S. Marshals, a fugitive task force, for years. Allegedly he took up two different identities to elude police.

But in court any relief of his capture that the family was feeling was quickly washed away when it came to setting a bond.

"The prosecution  asked for 1 million and the judge cut it in half," Arcand said.

If Gaines is able to post the half-million dollar bond, he will be issued a GPS tether.

"No one can beat the tether? Stop it," Arcand said.

FOX 2 was there when police were able to track Gaines to a townhouse in Detroit where we're told he was in town for a visit.

Police tell us he was so committed to remain in hiding that he got new a Social Security Number, cut off contact with his own family. Became a father a few months ago and started a new life in Ohio.

The concern from this family is here is a man that has proven resourceful when it comes to keeping his freedom.

"If we are spending all this money to get him off the streets why give him half a chance,” Arcand said. “It's just wrong."

If convicted on operating while intoxicated causing death he could spend the next 15 years in prison.  At least then the family of the victim will know where he is.

He is scheduled to be back in court on May 6th but the family is anything but convinced they'll see him there.