Gas station protesters say clerk pulled gun on children

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Outraged parents organize a protest outside a Detroit gas station, saying a clerk pulled a gun on their kids after believing they were stealing.

By late Friday night the scene was peaceful at a Mobil gas station on Eight Mile and Southfield, but earlier an angry mob shut the place down.

The parents of four boys including teenage and middle school age, brought a loud crowd from the organization New Era Detroit. Protesters blocked off the entrance ways followed by chants to keep customers away.

One of the parents say the gas station employee pulled out a gun on the kids inside the gas station thinking they were stealing, on Wednesday.

"My son told me that came to the store to and bought something. The store owner came out and asked if they're stealing something," said Salahuddin Fouche, one of the boys' parents. "They said no, the money is in the register, I mean the tray.

"The guy comes out and pulls out a gun and says you all are not allowed to come back in here.

"My son said he pulled the gun out and had it on his hip like this."

Sam tells FOX 2 that he pulled out a toy gun.

FOX 2: "Any regret about even pulling out a toy gun on kids?"

"Of course I regret it," said Waseem Abudlla. "But I didn't point it to his face."

The parents also say they filed a police report after the incident, but nothing happened.

"Once the report is made, it's assigned to an investigator," said Sgt. Tyrine Wheatley. "Once the investigator obtains the information, they will do what's necessary involving the case."

The owner of the gas station, Amal Barkate, made a promise to the angry mob.

"I'm 120 percent with the customer," she said. "If necessary we will fire whoever is responsible."

And she apologized to the parents.

"Your son is welcome in my store at any time," Barkate said.

FOX 2: "Is a public apology enough?"

"I don't believe so," Fouche said. "I do want the man to be prosecuted. I do plan to press charges."

Fortunately, the protest ended on a peaceful note with no one arrested. Going forward, everyone is still waiting to see the surveillance video.

The father says when he first came to the gas station; he got the run around if anyone knew how to use the equipment. The video is now in the hands of Detroit police.

The question of if any laws were broken, are murky. Police say if the clerk pulled out a toy gun it's semantics on whether he pointed the gun at the kids or did he hold it by his leg.

But when it comes to protesters, police say they broke the law. They came in and shut the place down and did not notify police ahead of time.