Girl who said Denby cheer team jumped her, arrested by DPS police

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The Detroit Denby freshman who said she was jumped by members of the cheerleading team was arrested Wednesday.

This comes two days after Amina Hall was involved in a fight with multiple cheerleaders in a cellphone video Monday at the east side school.

The Educational Achievement Authority confirmed that Hall, 15, was arrested at Denby by Detroit Public School Police for trespassing. She allegedly made threats against other students and their family members.

Officials say she went to the school with two friends for a confrontation Wednesday while serving a suspension for the fight.

In Tuesday's report by FOX 2, Hall said she was assaulted over a boy that her friend was taking to prom.

"They just jumped me," Hall said on Tuesday. "I handled my own, but they jumped me. The whole Denby cheerleading team except maybe two."

FOX 2: "Why anyone want to jump you?"

"It is over a boy," she said at the time.

After what looked like a large brawl, Denby spokesperson Robert Guttersohn said that five students were suspended until May 3, and 12 students were told to stay home for one day.