Global robotics competition to bring thousands to the Motor City

It's a first for Detroit as thousands pack into the Motor City for a competition that's bringing out the brightest young people from across the globe.

A robotics competition is bringing in millions of dollars to the city while showcasing it to the world. 

"I predict someday actually a few of them will probably even start businesses here in the city of Detroit after they see how cool it is," says Don Bossi.

The global competition called First begins April 25 and will draw 35,000 people, and a $30 million economic impact.

"When we first considered this about 10 years ago, people said, 'You're crazy. You can't take young kids to Detroit. It's not safe.' We came, and we saw, and we concluded no, it's safe. It's awesome," Bossi said.

It's an awesome location for the three day competition but the president of First says he hopes the allure of Detroit will remain long after they leave. 

"Our hope is this might lead some of them to see new educational opportunities at the great universities in Michigan. They'll be more aware of some of the terrific career opportunities with companies here," Bossi said.

General Motors is sponsoring the competition at Cobo, and almost every hotel in the city is booked up by students from Europe, Thailand, India and North America. 

Why Detroit? As it was famously put by Eminem and Chrysler: It's what we do. 

"We really see that maker, manufacturing culture here and again it's recasting itself into new industries like Shinola. Now with the onset of autonomous vehicles," Bossi said.