Good Samaritans to the rescue after woman's wheelchair stolen, vandalized

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A Detroit woman who relies on her wheelchair to get around was targeted by thieves. They stole her chair - and when she found it, the wheels were missing. 

Judy Bradley is all smiles now and finally, getting a break.

Bradley has had a rough couple of years. In April of 2017, while on her way to pick up her daughter on Eagle Street and Whetherby, she was hit by gunfire. Bradley says she was shot six times and doctors were forced to amputate her leg.

"It's like I just keep getting hit," she said. "After I lost my leg, my house caught on fire, then my car flipped on the freeway."

Bradley has been getting used to her new life - in a wheelchair. She is remaining optimistic, but she says Thursday morning after leaving her wheelchair parked in her yard and stopping at the store with a friend, it was stolen.

"It was gone, nobody was on the street and it was dark. I was like somebody stole my chair," she said.

Later that day, Bradley says a neighbor found her wheelchair around the block, but not intact.

"Just take the wheels. Really?" she said.

Bradley was hurt and discouraged with a wheel-less wheelchair. Turning desperate, Bradley told her story on social media.

"There was a lot of people trying to help," she said.

And right away old friends of hers from the Green Door Marijuana Dispensary - answering Judy's prayers.

"We were all very hurt by it, so we were all talking about it that we have to get this done immediately," said Aaron.

An hour later, Aaron picked up the brand new chair and Friday - delivered it to Judy.

"We made sure she has the best and nobody is going to take this one," Aaron said.

"It's good to know that there's still people out there," she said. "Who still have good hearts."