Graffiti threat against Detroit Police Chief Craig painted on building

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A disturbing message scrawled across an old building has Detroit Police and it’s Chief on high alert Friday.

“Is it troubling? Absolutely. Do we take it serious? Yes we do" said Chief James Craig of the Detroit Police Department.

The threatening graffiti was discovered on a building near Exeter and State Fair Thursday night. It reads "Kill all police. Kill James Craig."

“You're threatening a police department. You’re threatening police officers and that’s a threat on you. It’s a threat on me. It’s a threat on all of us."

Detroit Police Chief James Craig thanked officers who discovered the threat -- along with Fox 2 Friday -- for immediately alerting him.

“They were certainly the ones that broke the story and got it quickly in a relentless way over to the Detroit Police Department so we could start an investigation."

The malicious message was freshly painted over Friday by the owner of the business.

Chief Craig can’t reveal some of the leads they’re following in the investigation; sources say it’s not the first time the same spot has been tagged.

If you take a look at Google Maps back in August 2015, you can see another phrase sprayed across the same building. The photo shows a woman's name "has aids." Sources say the handwriting appears to be similar and may be the same person.

“We are looking at any possible video footage, people in the neighborhood who may have seen the graffiti. We're looking at everything."

These threats are all too common in recent weeks. Last month, a man threatened to bomb the funeral of fallen Detroit Police Captain Kenneth Steil. In August, a man posted a comment on Facebook to "kill that pig," - referencing a Detroit Police officer out of the 11th precinct.  Now another man faces felony charges for posting a threat against police on social media in July.

“That person had a million dollar cash bond.  He’s been bound over for trial for a similar threat over the internet. So, yes, were going to pursue with same vigor."

Chief Craig says despite the recent threats, he and his officers will not be deterred. He reminds those making the threats that the men and women in blue run toward violence to stop it, instead of hiding behind computer screens and dark alleys.

“My message to that coward - who in the cloak of darkness deciding to make that statement - we will find you and we will arrest you. We’re working very diligently."