Greater Grace Temple celebrates Law Enforcement Appreciation Day

Each year, Greater Grace Temple sets aside a day to pray and honor Metro Detroit's first responders.

The day is called Law Enforcement Appreciation Day. The church's pews were filled with police officers and other emergency personnel and their families on Sunday.

Church leaders said it's important to offer encouragement and prayer.

"We need a healthy law enforcement community and individuals, and that's what this service is all about -- to say, 'Hey, we understand everybody's not cut out for this. I'm not cut out for this, so I need to pray with those who are because as much as we see sometimes some unfortunate things, I don't want to live in a world that doesn't have law enforcement,'" said Greater Grace Temple Bishop Charles H. Ellis.

Sunday marked the 18th year the church has held the event.

"We take time to honor and pray for our police officers, military, and emergency responders, and pray for their safety. Many times these individuals have a thankless job, but we want to thank them and let them know they’re appreciated. There will also be a special “anointing” ceremony which is symbolic of the conferring of God’s protection upon them. The officers will also receive a small gift as a token of appreciation. The public is invited to join us at this event," the Greater Grace Temple's website said about the event.

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