Group spreads glue and garbage over gazebo in retaliation for having to take down bounce house

A parks department with Roseville and Eastpointe would like to remind visitors not to vandalize property with glue and garbage as a form of retaliation.

The note comes after the Recreational Authority of Roseville and Eastpointe came upon glue and garbage spread throughout a pavilion at the Veteran's Memorial Park on Sunday. Officials said the vandalism came after the group occupying the gazebo were upset with the department's bounce house policy.

They're now looking for the group.

"When we remove the inflatables, we ask that you do not spread glue and garbage throughout the pavilion as retaliation," read the news release. "This ignorant act has placed yet another burden on taxpayers of Eastpointe and Roseville."

Park officials said anyone who wants to use inflatable toys like bounce houses must get prior approval from the department. The policy is in place for liability purposes. The group did not have prior approval at the time.

"Please understand that we will remove any inflatables that have not been approved to be at our parks."