Hamtramck city councilman accused of hit and run

Hamtramck city councilman Robert Zwolak, who is up for re-election on Tuesday, has been accused of leaving the scene of a car crash on Sunday night.

It was a nasty trick on Halloween night for one Hamtramck couple.

"We couldn't believe they had done that to the car.  Multiple times on both sides," said Edith Duffner, one of the alleged hit and run victims.

The car was parked in a parking lot that was just a couple of doors down from the 'Post Ten' bar.

"I parked my car the first spot and we went into the bar. As we went into the bar, he was pulling in after me," said David Sylvester, the other alleged hit and run victim.

That second car belonged to Councilman Zwolak. According to a police report, he side-swiped Sylvester's car five times in the parking lot before leaving the scene.

"I walked outside, had a smoke, and the guys across the street said someone is hitting your car over there. But he had already gone," said Sylvester.

Eventually, police met up with Zwolak at his apartment. Police say he admitted striking the car and received a misdemeanor citation for leaving the scene.

Sylvester said he wanted to hear an explanation for himself, so he called Zwolak.

"All I heard from him is, 'you had me blocked in,'" said Sylvester.

We also spoke with Zwolak by phone. He told us that he was pinned by Sylvester and had to escape.

"I don't know why I was pinned in, I have no idea. But I wasn't going to stick around because the number of assaults we have. Armed robberies. I just know it was an aggressive situation," said Zwolak.

"You hit a parked vehicle, how is it the vehicles' fault," asked Duffner.

Zwolak said there is more to the story that will come out in court. As of now, a court date has not been set.

In addition to eye-witnesses, there are also surveillance cameras.  The victims hope to get ahold of the footage and use it as evidence in their civil suit against the council member.