'Hamtramck's Disneyland' is for sale

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It lights up at night like a carnival and during the day looks like an amusement park.

"Hamtramck is a different place," says neighbor Timothy Hanks. "We allow for a little bit of difference here."

The so-called "Hamtramck Disneyland" - actually a backyard sculpture, art installation, monument, never-ending project - is now on the market. Well, the two side-by-side houses in front of it are being sold as one property. They are now for sale since the passing of the building of everything there, Dmytro Sczlak, who died at age 90 (or possibly older).

"It definitely needs a lot of help," Hanks says. He lives a few doors down.

In the past the city threatened to shut it down, while Sczlak had a bring-it-on attitude.

"That was the story he always told me," Hanks says. "He was always a feisty guy and tried to get me to help him with it from time to time, but I'm not going on a big stretcher like that and risking my life - but he was always up there."

Aisha Rashid lives across the street and hopes the next buyer will let the attraction stand. After all, the guest book is still up, waiting to be signed by the latest visitors.

"I've lived here most of my life and it’s really like a historical house for me," Rashid says. "It's really amazing that the old man that lived there actually worked so hard on it."

Coldwell Banker has the property -- two, two-family houses, listed at $120,000 or best offer.