Hearts heavy during 10th Annual Winter Classic

Detroit firefighters and Detroit police are competitors on the ice, colleagues on the streets -- and family on the front lines.

This year's annual Winter Classic was played with heavy hearts. The annual game is a battle between Detroit police and firefighters to raise money for the Clark Park Youth Foundation. 

So many are mourning the tragic loss of Detroit Police officer Glenn Doss. First responders know the risk they take every day all too well, and this is hitting especially close to home. 

"We're playing this game with very heavy hearts today with the loss of our brother in blue, Glenn Doss. Ayoung man, 25 years old," says Chris Meredyk of the Detroit Police Department. 

"It's always something that you pray doesn't happen and, unfortunately, it keeps happening," says Joseph Finazzo of the Detroit Police Department. 

Recent police shootings prompt calls for change in Detroit

Doss and other officers were called to the 5500 block of McDougall Wednesday night for reports of a couple arguing and possible shots fired.

When they arrived, a 43-year-old suspect with a gun opened fire on them before they even got out of their patrol car, police said. Thirty bullet casings were found at the scene. Doss was hit twice and rushed to the hospital by his partner. Detroit Police Chief James Craig and his family confirmed Doss passed away on Sunday. 

"You just gotta press on and get through it. It's a horrible thing but I wish Godspeed to the whole Doss family," says Ondray Sioui with DPD. 

"It's like a second family, for sure, away from home, so whenever you lose someone like that it's terrible," says Evan Wilson with the Detroit Fire Department. 

"We'll come together as one. We're out there, skating hard, being competitive, trying to be aggressive and everybody wants to win but at the end of the day we're all on the same team. So, heartfelt prayers from the DFD to his family," said Brian Barnas.