He's no angel! Security camera installer picks unlikely victim

If given the choice, who would you believe: a man who runs a security camera installation business with a bunch of bad reviews, a website that's been deemed risky, and a horrible standing with the Better Business Bureau – or a Catholic Priest?

Father Joseph Marquis leads the congregation at Heart Byzantine Catholic Church in Livonia and says they're a small congregation and spent a lot of effort to get funds for closed-circuit cameras.

Daniel Petrone owns Petrone Solutions and agreed to do the job. But Fr. Joseph says he got ripped off instead.

"We're not exactly rolling in the green, so we had a fundraiser, our ladies of Sacred Heart raised money and they got us the money to pay for our CCTV cameras," Fr. Joseph said.

In total, they raised $4,500 and a parishioner recommended Petrone to come in and do the work

"(I was told) He's got a family. He's trying to make a living. And he's a very nice man.  Why don't you give him a call?" Fr. Joseph said.

So he hired Petrone and paid a $2,000 deposit up front in June. Then he didn't hear from him for weeks.

After several calls, Petrone finally shows up and installs….a janky wire.

"That's all he did.  That's it," Fr. Joseph said.

Petrone said he needed more money to start the installation of cameras - which Fr. Joseph said he never saw - and he reluctantly wrote him another check for $400.

"He's a very engaging man. Very personable. And very dishonest," the priest said.

Petrone never returned so Fr. Joseph called him and left messages.

"While there's still time...you better repent," he told him. "I called again, and he had my number blocked."

The priest isn't the only who says he was a victim of Petrone. Scott from Accurate Expediting said it happened to him too.

"He did such a good job we had him come back and install some key fobs, some security key fobs to let us know when employees were coming and going from the facility," Scott said.

They called Daniel and, when they could reach him, he always had excuses.

"There was a bunch of stories. (Like the) dog ate the homework, but it ultimately ended with no return," Scott said.

Scott says, plain and simple, Daniel is a dope.

"We'd have been a lifelong customer. As long as we're in business," Scott said. "(He's a) scam artist. Scam artist."

Melanie Dusquenal is the CEP and President of the Better Business Bureau.  She says Petrone solutions has never replied to several complaints filed with the BBB.

"We've gotten absolutely no response," she said. "D plus rating and going down fast."

Petrone Solutions has a webpage but it seems to be as functional as the wire in the church. They also have a Facebook page for the company registered at Petrone's home in Canton. That's where we found him most afternoons - hanging around his home and smoking cigarettes. He definitely wasn't rushing off to do the job he was paid for by Accurate Expediting or the Catholic Church.

Fr. Joseph wanted to give Petrone one last chance so he sent a certified letter that read:

"After weeks of broken assurances, you are urged to refund the entire amount of $2,400 originally issued to you by Sacred Heart Byzantine Church, for CCTV installation in our church that you never performed."

He gave up until Aug. 31 to pay up or a police report would be filed on Sept. 1 – which ultimately happened.

A FOX 2 photographer was actually watching Petrone when he got the certified letter delivered and he looked shocked. Later that day, he left the house for a gas station with a lottery ticket – but this wasn't his lucky day. Time to catch up to him and get some answers.

"Hey there Daniel. Rob Wolchek from FOX 2.  Can I talk to you about your business here?

We asked him about the priest and why the job wasn't finished.

"No, we're going to be finishing it. We had a lot of problems. We had some health problems with the family and I have all my intentions to pay him back," he said. 

But the priest said he took his money and ghosted him but Petrone disagreed.

"No, no. We've done all the work. We were set to put the cameras in, and he asked us not to put the cameras in because he was fed up with the delays, so he told us not to do it. We're going to take all the equipment back, we're not going to charge him for it," Petrone said.

He also said he's got the priest's $2,400.

"We're hoping (to give it back) in the next few weeks."

Petrone admits he got the certified letter but claims he didn't read it – so we gave him one. Then he had something to say – but it was a bit lost on us.

"You're asking the same questions.  He's a human being like all of us.  He should be treated equally, the fact that he's a priest or not doesn't matter," Petrone said. "At the end of the day you're, you've got as much rights as a priest or if you're not a priest. "

It's bad either way.

"Exactly. So, what's the point of bringing that he's a priest up?" Petrone asked. 

Petrone - there's only one place to go: the HHHALLLLL OF SHAME!!!!

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