High in the sky, a new restaurant occupies the Renaissance Center's 71st floor

Seventy-one stories up, at the top of the Renaissance Center, a new experience is now available.

It'll test your palate - and for all of you with a phobia of heights your wits. Called the Highlands Restaurant, its owner wants you to leave the space appreciating more than just the views.

"I want to hear about food, hospitality, and just say 'oh by the way the view is just spectacular.'"

You might have heard of the owner - he runs several restaurants in Las Vegas. Shawn McClain and his wife want to offer their patrons something a little new: a three-dining experience that will occupy the 71st floor. 

"In between and upon your arrival is high bar, so it's all about the art of the cocktail. Hearth 71 is our third compliment, which is our casual come as you are small plates, rotating menus," said McClain.

And then there's the main course: meat.

"We have Highland Steak house, a great meat program that's involved with that," said McClain.

Along with the steak is an emphasis on scallops with braised oxtail. 

Visitors who have been to restaurants that used to occupy the space may remember the large ceiling space above their heads. With a new manager running the space comes a new concept for ambiance. A ceiling now sits closer to patrons and a ballroom was built above on the 72nd floor. 

For more information, go to the restaurants website here: https://www.highlandsdetroit.com/