Hillary Clinton trumpets jobs, economy in Detroit

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Democratic candidate for President Hillary Clinton stopped into the Motor City to fire up a crowd of union workers at Detroit Manufacturing Systems.

Just a few hours after the Republicans left the stage, Clinton was quick to point out her observations regarding what happened in the Fox Theatre. She didn't pull any punches.

"The biggest insult was to America. The economy, which should be at the top of any list that anybody running for President has, was basically an afterthought," Clinton said.

Off of that point, she segued into the real reason she was at the plant that makes dashboards for Ford trucks: she was laying out her plan to grow the economy, which she calls the New Bargain.

"A new bargain to ensure that the jobs of the future are good paying American jobs," Clinton said. Michigan should be an example of the type of union, high-paying manufacturing jobs. "Some of the most exciting technological breakthroughs are happening right here. Not in China, not in Germany, but in Michigan."

She also  spoke of a tax retrieval plan. Under this plan, if a company were to get incentives and then move overseas, the government would recoup some of that money.

"If a company like Nabisco outsources and ships jobs overseas, We'll make you give back the the tax breaks you received in America," Clinton said.

Her last topic addressed something we all encounter every day: fixing the roads. She has a robust plan that she says would fix them permanently and put millions of Americans to work.

"I put forward a $275 billion plan that would put millions of Americans to work, modernizing our roads and bridges and railways and airports and ports," she said.

She spoke for 30 minutes and mainly address her base: union members and manufacturing job creators. She says she wants more of the same from her supporters and hopes message resonates all year.

Bernie Sanders is also speaking at Grand Valley State University this evening.

Both will be in Flint on Sunday, March 6 for a Democratic debate. Stay with FOX 2 for coverage on that.

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