Holly Oaks ORV park officially opens in Oakland County

After a little more than a year, the wait is finally over as Oakland County's Holly Oaks ORV Park is open.

With 113 acres of off-roading trails, the newest attraction from the Oakland County Parks and Recreation Department is turning heads.

"It's really a family activity. It is amazing to me how many people are here as a family," said Executive Officer Dan Stencil.

The track is the first of its kind in Oakland County but has been a work in progress for much longer than a year. 

"It's been a dream of probably 50 years," Stencil said.

Was it worth the wait? You bet your dirt it was.

"They got everything the tracks, the hill-climbing for trucks, endurance tracks just for dirt bikes, four-wheelers. You got sidehills -- a lot of hills," Arnie Thomas said.

The FOX 2 Drone flew over the park to capture how incredible the place is.

"They got these hills you can climb all the way up the hill - the view is just beautiful. Taking pictures is just beautiful and just watching everybody else ride," Thomas said.

"One of the signature attractions is mt. magna artificial replica of rock formations in Mohab, Utah," Stencil said.

You can't just pull up in your Ford Edge and expect to hit the trails.

"You have to have an ORV Sticker, you need to pay $15 dollars for your vehicle," Stencil said.