Houses, cars covered in bullet holes after Saturday morning gunfire in Pontiac

First, there was the sounds of two gunshots. Then, several more could be heard.

Residents on Lewis Street in Pontiac were fearful for their lives after bullets sprayed through their house.

"Oh, we're gonna die," said one homeowner, recounting her thoughts as the incident unfolded.

On Saturday morning, dozens of bullets flew through windows, doors and walls, even hitting the headboard of a master bed in one house. And police have no idea why.

"Just cowards, flat out cowards," said Sheriff Michael Bouchard, of Oakland County. "Someone that drives by cars or by a house and opens fire. It's ridiculous."

While no one was killed, a 23-year-old woman said her boyfriend was hit by something. When someone open fired, he pushed the woman to the floor, then rolled over to protect their 2-year-old.

Even with the shock of bullets coming through the house, there appeared to be no order to where the bullets were coming from.

"My boyfriend, he acted super-fast and we were scared because we saw bullets coming through the wall," said the 23-year-old. "The baby was by the wall. My boyfriend was here so we don't know if a bullet scraped him or the glass."

The damage was extensive outside the house as well, which one vehicle sustaining exterior destruction and broken windows. Police were able to discern that bullets came from two different guns. But they are unsure of a motive or even which house was targeted. 

With no witnesses, Bouchard noted they are enlisting the help of residents to help find clues.

"When you have cowards that basically do these kinds of events, we need someone to step forward and give us a little information to begin to run this down," he said.

As for the family whose house was struck, they're staying away from their home.