Housing for veterans in need breaks ground in Chesterfield Twp

Michigan will break ground on the first new veterans home in years.

A third of Michigan's 590,000 veterans live in southeast Michigan. The goal is seven housing facilities for veterans up and running across the state.

The home will be located near the Selfridge Air National Guard base in Chesterfield Township.  These are men and women who give so much who deserve to be taken care of in return. 

"I always felt when I came back from Vietnam I felt like I was nothing," said Robert Troost. "(To) know that people care and we have a home where we're welcomed."

Robert is a double amputee and a project like this makes him know he's valuable and we as Americans care. 

"We don't really like to talk about the details and many of our veterans are so humble, that they don't talk about it but they do have issues that need to be addressed."

We're talking a long term nursing facility including medical care.

"Best in class services for those who wear the cloth of our nation," said Barry Wood, a veteran. 

It will provide housing for 128 people. The homes are special, but the plot of land is even more so with 103 acres which will see beautiful green space, a community center, a barbershop and services for vets.

The bulk of the money coming from the feds and the rest, the state is spending $42 million. Democrats and Republicans holding hands across the aisle to get the job done. 

It is a 160,000 square foot facility for the people who serve our country and have laid it all on the line.

There are also plans to replace the aging facility in West Michigan. Bipartisanship led to $80 million for veteran housing in Michigan.