How to handle increased screen time with kids during pandemic lockdown

Home is where we are spending more time with our kids and the worst part, is that our kids would rather be online with their devices. 

So what do we do about all the screen time our kids are getting while we shelter in place during the pandemic? FOX 2 is talking with Aundreah Walenski, a therapist with the Rochester Center for Behavioral Medicine. 

"We have never needed our screens more than ever right now, so how do we balance needing them and wanting them and it's so confusing for everybody," she said.

Walenski suggests being a bit more lenient than normal.

"I think what is helpful is making it clear to our kids, you you're getting this extra time to talk to your friends or we're doing this to talk to grandma and grandpa. Just making it really clear why we're getting them the extra time. so leniency is completely okay."

To learn more, watch the video above.