How to handle the first few months on the job

New hires usually have less than 90 days to prove themselves. Robin Ankton, regional vice president with Robert Half International joins us for this Job Shop segment to give us some tips on starting the new job right. For more information on Robert Half, visit

What are tips for starting a new job right?
•        Do show up early.
•        Don’t be a know-it-all.
•        Do ask for help.
•        Don’t rock the boat.
•        Do say “thank you.”
•        Don’t isolate yourself.

What are some ways timid new hires can build confidence?
•        When you take a step toward your goal, reward yourself.
•        Identify weaknesses - look for a project that will turn them into strengths.
•        Don’t look at failures as reasons to stop, but rather as lessons.
•        Look for ways to help coworkers.

What are some tips for approaching your manager for feedback in the first 90 days?
•        Write down the projects and responsibilities you’ve handled.
o   What went well?
o   Where could you improve?
o   Where do you need guidance?