How to make a croquembouche

A croquem-WHAT? A croquembouche is a French puff pastry tower. 

It's a great and simple way to bring your holiday baking to the next level and something the whole family can make.

Chef Doran Brooks of White Wolf Japanese Patisserie in Clawson joined us on The Nine to show us how to make one. You can watch in the video player and get his recipe below. 

Craquelin Pate Choux
Yield: 45, or 90 units 
Pate Choux 
Water cups 3.25, or 6.5 
Butter oz 8, or 16 
Sugar TBsp 1, or 2 
Salt TBsp 1, or 2
AP Flour grams 390, or 780
Mozzarella grams, or 128 256
Eggs each 8, or 16

Yield 1050, or 2100 grams
Butter grams 300, or 600 
AP Flour grams 375, or 750 
Brown Sugar grams 375, or 750 
Red Color grams to eye

Pate Choux 
Combine milk, water, butter, and salt in pot. Bring to boil. Add four and cook until thick and all flour is cooked out. Should NOT stick to pot anymore. Put in mixing bowl on low speed with paddle attchment. Add mozzarella, mix to combine. Add eggs slowely until all combined. Let rest 1 hour. 

Combine all ingredients, mix well. Roll between 2 silpats, freeze, brush with gold powder. 1x craquelin batch makes 2 full sheet pans of rolled out dough. 
Assembly Pipe Pate Choux onto silpat. Cut craquelin disk to same size as pate choux. Lay craquelin on top of pate choux. Bake 325*F - High Fan 15 min, then Low Fan 25 min