How2Help - We visit 2 dining gems in Waterford that need support during pandemic pause

Wednesday is the start of yet another big challenge for restaurant owners as Michigan is ordering indoor dining to shut down for at least three weeks.

But you can still help keep those businesses afloat. Rob Wolchek shows us some great places you can support by ordering take out. 

Munchies Family Coney in Waterford is a dream come true for its owner Kiwante Wallace. 

"You can experience fine dining at a cheap price," he said. "We started with a food truck and then we blessed one of our friends with the food truck and we opened up this establishment."

But the problem is that Kiwante started this business last December. Business was great - then the pandemic hit. He had no indoor dining for months. Then indoor dining came back and so did the customers - but now this.

"We do a lot of things, we just need the community to support us so we can give back," he said. "And be a blessing for the community."

After a rough start, he is keeping his staff on and is ready to serve. The whole business model at Munchies is giving back to the community and that is what they want to do. But now they need your help.

They have drive-thru, takeout and they do delivery - and the food is awesome.

Speaking of yummy, if you are looking for deserts, check out Copperstone's Family Dining on M-59. 

It has been around 20 years but today the dining room is empty.

The owner, Joe, said the shutdown is going to hurt everyone, "but what can we do."

Now he is offering takeout dining curbside service and weather permitting, patio dining.

If you have a restaurant and you want to let people know you are open go to