Huntington Woods teen distributes shoe that grows with its owner to Honduras village

A 15-year-old Huntington Woods girl is showing just how much change one person can impact.

Xixi Alexander says even small things can make a difference, but after the local teen worked to donate a new kind of apparel that grows with its owner, it's clear she's leaving some big shoes to fill.

"I didn't expect this to be the outcome and I didn't expect the project to impact so many people," she said.

Alexander distributed a shoe that expands five sizes bigger and lasts for years to a village in Honduras. Created with the intention of helping kids impacted by poverty, the goal is to protect children from diseases and parasites.

The project is called 'The Shoe that Grows."

"Kids grow out of shoes so fast and the fact this can grow with them is a really cool concept," said Jennifer Alexander, Xixi's mother.

The project is part of Xixi's efforts to reach the rank of eagle scout. The distribution had a big impact on the teen.

"A lot of people are in poverty, but they have a very high happiness level. They took everything, and they just appreciated it - even the small things, and they appreciated you," she said.

It also took a lot of fundraising - something that was well worth the work.

"If you really want to make a direct impactful presentation to the world you can do that easily by giving, even the small things," she said.

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