Hurricane Ian destroys Detroit Pizza Joint in Florida

Entrepreneur Todd Stern - the former owner of the now-closed Small Plates - moved to Florida with his idea to share Detroit-style pizza in Cape Coral Florida.

"We feature classic Detroit-style pizza, it's a tribute to Buddy's, Cloverleaf, Louie's, places I went to as a kid back in the 70s," he said.

Stern, originally a Metro Detroit native, had only had his new business open for a year before Hurricane Ian arrived.

"In my 55 years never seen anything like it," he said. "The winds were about 140 to 150 miles per hour, and they lasted for hours."

It destroyed so much in its path, including Stern's Detroit Pizza Joint.

"It’s pretty much rubble right now,:" he said - but Stern plans to rebuild.

Watch the video for more and click on the link here if you would like to help him.