Hyatt House hotel coming to Beaumont of Royal Oak

A new hotel will soon be dotting the Royal Oak landscape.

A Hyatt House hotel is being planned at the Woodward Corners, next to the Beaumont Hospital. The strategic planning is designed to build the hotel to operate with the hospital.

"Studies show that hospitals, mixed-use development hotels, all have great synergy and they feed off each other," said Scott Pedersen of Pedersen Development.

The new 128-room structure will open in 2021. Located on Woodward Ave. near 13 Mile, it will serve as a key attraction for tourists, as well as businesses and those looking for extended stay rooms. 

Not only that, but it will also be for people who travel to Beaumont for medical treatment and family members of patients who need a place to stay as their loved ones receive care.

"We like to be part of projects that have a mission or have a specific endeavor in mind," said John Schultzel of the Olympia Companies.

The hotel rooms are described as "apartment-style" and feature living rooms and kitchens. On lower floors, visitors will find eateries, a market, and a gym. 

"There's about 100 of them across the country, about 100 more to come. This is one of many and one of the first in Michigan," said Christy Wells of Hyatt.

The partnership is a blend of hospital and hospitality - a merge that offers the right blend of amenities to those who need easy access to them.

"The marriage between hospital and hospitality gives the operating team a unique opportunity to care and provide through a higher level of service experience," said Schultzel.

The new building will be a welcome sight for the 13,000 people that enter Beaumont Royal Oak every day.

"If you think about that's bigger than a small city so the needs are phenomenal to meet that, but we also have a neighborhood here and to be able to balance that and create a development that meets everybody's needs is just fantastic," said Carolyn Wilson of Beaumont Health COO.