Inkster apartment residents swelter from heat wave with building's AC broken

Temperatures are rising at Thompson Tower in Inkster.

"People could have a heat stroke in here," said Civ, one of the residents.

The tenants are fed up with the heat — saying it’s been three days without properly working air conditioning.

FOX 2: "How hot is it in there?"

"It’s got to be over 100," said tenant Robert Gibson.

That’s why Gibson and his dog Milo are spending the day outside in the 90-degree sweltering weather — at least there's sometimes a breeze.

"As soon as you go in there you’re going to immediately start sweating," Gibson said.

The building has 10 floors and one of the elevators is broken - you don’t want to take the stairs in this heat.

FOX 2: "Now this is the only elevator that works in here?"

"Yes this is the only one that’s working," said Shari Poole.

In one such apartment, the air is blowing, but very gently - providing little relief.

"It blows but it blows out very slow," said Civ. "And at the same time it doesn’t blow out cold, it’s supposed to be cold - they need to fix this issue."

And the people living in Thompson Tower say it has been like pulling teeth to get management to fix the air.

FOX 2: "What would you say to management?"

"They ain’t gonna listen to me," Gordon said.

FOX 2: "Are you the management?"

"I am but you have to talk to our corporate office," a woman said.

It turns out we couldn't get through to corporate.  But this manager did give some information on their cooling stations and said a crew came to fix the problem last night, but has to come back today for further repair.

FOX 2: "Do you know why it’s (broken) by chance?"

"Something to do with the cooling boiler, it’s operating but the fuses keep popping," the manager said. "I do know they are coming back today but I don't know what time."

As for the cooling stations — Gibson says that's just putting a band-aid on a much bigger issue.

"That ain’t gonna do what? You gonna sleep in there?" he said.

If the air doesn't get fixed, some might just might have to.