Inkster judge allegedly owes on $2,500 water bill; she says it is a mistake

A Metro Detroit judge is facing questions over allegations she owes money for a large, unpaid water bill. 

Judge Sabrina Johnson is the chief judge in the Inkster District Court. A story recently surfaced that she owes a $2,500 water bill.

FOX 2: "You don’t believe you have a $2500 water bill?"

"No sir, I do not believe that," she said.

In a candid interview on Wednesday, the judge said one month she had a zero balance, and then received a peculiar bill.

"And then I received a bill for $1,500," Johnson said. "I have never used water at that level. I don’t have a large family. I don’t have a swimming pool or a hot tub, so I was shocked by that."

That was bad enough, but then came the next bill.

"The next month’s bill was $700 - I know that’s wrong," she said.

The judge immediately called the city and Inkster is investigating.

FOX 2:  "Why do you think the water bill is so high?"

"I have no idea. It might be mechanical, it might be my water meter is old," she said. "They have said that my meter is very old. So it might be something that needs to be replaced, but they’re working on it. I’m working with them.

"I, in no way did not want to pay a water bill."

Johnson has been a Judge in Inkster since 2012. She’s also lived in her current house for roughly the same amount of time, where she says her water bills were about $60 a month.

FOX 2: "If it turns out that you owe it, what are you going to do?"

"I’ll pay it immediately," she said.

Judge Sabrina Johnson

Judge Sabrina Johnson