Innocent driver killed by fleeing parole violator in Detroit

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A police chase called off because of excessive speed, but tragedy struck when the driver hit an innocent motorist.

The suspect was a parole violator, wearing a tether and should have never been on the road, say police. The crash happened near Greenfield and Elmira.

"How could a violent felon be allowed to roam the streets," said Police Chief James Craig. "That's what I'm thinking about now.

"It's always tragic, when there is a pursuit and someone innocent dies as a result of that. It's tragic."

Craig said the suspect is a dangerous felon, who had a warrant out for his arrest since July, and was  wearing a tether.

"There was a warrant in the system and we should have arrested him before now," Craig said. "That's a concern for me."

The chase began on the city's west side when police attempted to pull over the two toned dodge charger. other drivers on the road quickly made way. Police lost sight of the suspect while heading into Dearborn.

"He flew past us and the cars flew past us," said witness Tim Dew.  "I don't understand why they didn't pull them over right there."

The truck then zipped back across the border into Detroit where another officer attempted to stop him. The suspect instead sped up and T-boning a dark colored sedan, and killing the driver.

"In the Charger the female got out of the passenger side, she rolled over on the floor," said Mo Bazzi, a witness. "Then the driver got out and that's when police pulled up on them pulled him ot."

FOX 2 asked about another woman carried away from the back seat of a police cruiser on a stretcher, but Craig says he doesn't know who she is or how she's doing.

"There was some aid administered at the scene," Craig said. "Certainly a couple officers are traumatized by the events."

The suspect is in police custody. He and the woman he was driving with, are at the hospital being treated for minor injuries.