Investigators: Burglar intentionally set fire that killed three dogs

Three dogs died a horrific death when a fire was set at their Westland home following a burglary.

The Michigan Humane Society is offering a reward to track down the person responsible.

We are now learning more about the break-in, what the thief was after and how he purposely set the fire that killed three dogs.

"The first thing that came to my mind was if it is the dogs are in the house," said neighbor Steve Houston.

Frantic moments for Houston who got a call Tuesday afternoon that his friend's house was on fire.

He rushed over and showing up at the same time as the home owner - both learning the man's three dogs Bruno, Bella and Blue were burned alive inside the house on Warren in Westland.

Investigators eventually learned someone broke into the house, stole from the homeowner and then set it on fire.

Sources say the thief busted through the back window, stole watches, guns and cash.

They used the gas from the camper in the back to set a couch in the house on fire.

"They had to know the dogs were here because they were bigger dogs," Houston said. "One of the dogs was180 pounds, so he had to be really loud, he had to be barking. It's a shame. Whoever could do this needs to feel the pain, burn alive like that, you know."

The charred debris including a Christmas tree sits on the lawn outside the boarded up house. And inside, the pictures show a total loss.

Not only did the father and his 10-year-old son lose all of their belongings, they lost their beloved dogs.

The Michigan Humane Society is now assisting Westland in the investigation, offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest.

"Anytime there is animal cruelty like this,  these animals were in very good shape,  the family really cared for them," said Mark Ramos of the Michigan Humane Society. "So we want to extend our assistance to try and find out who did this so they can find out who did this and be prosecuted."

FOX 2 spoke to the homeowner by phone who is upset and says he has nowhere to live.

He said that he doesn't know of anyone who might do this and purposely kill his dogs like this.

If you have any information on what happened, you're asked to contact the Westland Fire Marshall at (734) 467-3260.

If you would like to make a donation to their family, you can do so via their GoFundMe account.