Iran tension; reparations debated on Capitol Hill

Part 1: Iran tension

Escalating tensions with Iran is one of the big topics tonight.

The provocations come as President Donald Trump announced his re-election bid for 2020.
He had big crowds at the Orlando campaign kickoff rally - but his poll numbers are dropping.

Part 2: Reparations debated on Capitol Hill

A landmark hearing on Capitol Hill over reparations for slavery.
It's a painful conversation about this country's original sin. But what's the solution? 

On the panels:

Rochelle Riley, Detroit Director of Arts & Culture, former Free Press columnist

Karen Dumas, public relations expert

Andrew "Rocky" Raczkowski, chairman of Oakland County GOP

Wayne Bradley, Republican pundit.

Part 3: On the Road

Charlie Langton asks metro Detroiters about the reparations debate.