'Jukebox Larry' puts on weekly outdoor concert to Troy neighborhood

A Troy man is bringing smiles and music to his neighbors during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Once a week when Mother Nature cooperates, music fills the air in Larry Maxwell's neighborhood near West Big Beaver and North Adams Road. 

Larry started playing the guitar nearly 60 years ago and wanted to share his talent during this hard time. 

"My wife and I were both talking and saying we wanted to do something for the neighborhood because everybody's in with this virus thing so I thought, why don't I just set up my equipment and play out in the driveway," he said. 

Larry says he knows 2,000 songs, and it's earned him the nickname Jukebox Larry from his wife, Lisa. 

"People can request stuff and just say, 'Do you know this song?' and I have to think about it for a minute and I go, 'Oh yeah, I know that I haven't played it for 20 years but I can still remember it.'"

Neighbors now look forward to his outdoor concerts. Some people set up lawn chairs while others stop and listen as they walk by. 

For Krissy Doyle and her daughters, the concerts have become somewhat of a quarantine tradition. 

"It's made us more aware of people in the neighborhood and even though we are social distancing it's so nice to see people out and about and it's just been great to get outside when the weather's nice," she said. 

Now thanks to Jukebox Larry, people here have a reason to stop and smile even during the coronavirus pandemic. 

"We just appreciate him playing every week and taking the time to give us a little happiness during these times," Krissy said. 

"I love doing it. It's in my heart, it's in my blood," Larry said. 

Larry says he's going to keep playing his concerts on Brooklawn Drive as long as the pandemic continues - and even possibly after it ends.