Jurors in Floyd Dent beating case take field trip

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Throughout the trial we've heard the defense argue that Floyd Dent was seen swerving, rolling through stop signs and fleeing police. Today jurors got to see first-hand where police followed then pulled Dent over.

In the daylight hours, jurors park in the spot on South River Park Drive near Inkster Road Tuesday.

This is where prosecutors say former Inkster police officer William Melendez pulled Floyd Dent from his car and began beating him in January.

As the trial winds down, jurors are getting a closer look at the scene.

"You must not consider anything you learned from seeing the scene that was not covered by evidence admitted in the trial,” said Judge Vonda Evans.

They drove two vans up and down Michigan Avenue, to see the area where Melendez began following, then eventually pulling over Dent.

Jurors began their trip at the 25-hour liquor store, where Dent says he bought alcohol for a friend that night.

Jurors then headed to the Motown Inn and then a bus stop near Beech Daly.

"I let you see the scene of the alleged incident in question to better understand the evidence presented in court,” said Judge Evans.

The fourth stop, the Budget Inn before heading to the Pine Ridge Park Apartments where Dent says he dropped off the alcohol. The manager of that complex is testifying for the prosecution Tuesday.

"Sir was there any swipes of any entrances? Yes. How many? One,” said Loren Williams, the manager of Pine Ridge Park Apartments.

Jurors then drove down Oakland Street, where the defense argues Dent was seen swerving.

Rolling through stop signs and eluding police, the prosecution says Dent was avoiding potholes and waiting to pull over into a well-lit area.

"The evidence is over, all rise for the jury,” said Judge Evans.

Now, while the prosecution argues there's no excuse for choking, then hitting Dent in the head 16 times the defense argues the punches were justified because Dent was threatening and resisting police. Dent says he never resisted.

After that last witness the prosecution rested once again. Closing arguments are scheduled for Wednesday morning and each side will get an hour to speak.