Keller Williams Realty offering Art Van salespeople chance for work

Keller Williams Platinum in Metro Detroit is trying to help many of the 3,000 people employed by Art Van find a future in real estate.

In May, when Art Van Furniture is officially closed and out of business, there will be thousands of employees needing to find a job.

Angel Ebejer and her co-workers knew that many of those salespeople would need help finding a job and felt like they had to do something.

"It's terrible to one day find out you don't have a job," Ebejer said. "We're offering to put them through pre-licensing at no cost to them and get them started in the business."

Art Van filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy on Monday, four days after announcing it would be liquidating its assets and close by May 3.

She said this is a natural fit for the people who are already working the sales floor at Art Van.

"They already have sales experience, they have the skills, they have the training in that aspect. We want to offer them the option to become real estate agents," Ebejer said. "With them having that sales experience with furniture, obviously, they're used to talking to people about their homes. I'm sure they could walk in and give decorative ideas."

You have to take 40 hours of classes and then pass a state licensing exam before you can become a realtor, which is entirely commission-based.

"Obviously with anything, it's not for everybody but for those who have the drive and want to come into something different, we're more than happy to have them," Ebejer said.

Liquidation underway at Art Van but past customers left with questions

If you're currently employed as a sales associate for Art Van and looking for a job, call Keller-Williams Platinum at 586-949-0200.