Lake Orion HS students detach from phones to raise money for armed forces

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Students at Lake Orion High School are raising money for the men and women in the Armed Forces. 

During this annual fundraiser they call Cellout for Soldiers -- the teens are doing the unthinkable: giving up their phones.

Hundreds of high schoolers stood in line waiting to give up their phones for the day and, surprisingly, it was done with pleasure and pride. One by one, the phones were labeled, bagged and safely dropped into bins.

"Every phone that gets turned in today, one dollar goes to a charity called Cell Phones for Soldiers. They buy talk minutes for serving military, so, every student here at LOHS is giving up their phone for the day to show unity and solidarity to our troops serving our country," explains leadership advisor Lori Hogan. "If our soldiers can do it for days and weeks and months at a time, we can do it for one day."

Now in its fourth year, Cellout for Soldiers has raised thousands of dollars. 

Even though this is just a one-day sacrifice, the message about giving back and making a difference is long lasting.