Large water main floods west side Detroit neighborhood

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A massive mess on Detroit's west side after a broken water main starts spewing causing a big hole and flooding the street.

The result was a huge hole and a lot of water caused by a water main break on Pickford and Trinity, near Seven Mile, between Evergreen and Lahser, on Detroit's west side.

The break occurred early Tuesday morning in a pipe that was buried about 5 feet deep.

"When I woke up I looked at him and said what's all this water doing here, and he said it's a big hole down there," said resident Porche Jackson.

"I couldn't believe how big that hole was, that was out of order," said neighbor Channavia Carr.

To put some perspective on the break, it spanned multiple blocks.

"It was like a geyser coming out of the ground," said resident Paul Johnson.

One neighbor says, it's not the first time.

"I lived over here with my boyfriend for 10 years and it breaks four or five times a year," Carr said.

FOX 2 is told that pipe could be about 100 years old and because pipes expand in the summer and shrink in the winter, they just break over time.

"I'm actually proud of Detroit, thank you," said Jackson.

Now just a little cold patch on that hole and, what was a big problem, was fixed quickly.