Latest in rash of home furnace thefts caught on camera

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After another furnace is stolen the latest of several homes hit in a week, some residents living in the northwest Detroit neighborhood are fed up.
"This neighborhood is coming back up, still people who don't give (an expletive)," said Kathleen Ziembowicz.

Two furnaces were stolen in Harper Woods within the last week, one causing a potentially deadly explosion after the gas had been left on.
"They almost killed the last two," said Carl Reeves a Harper Woods resident whose house was damaged by an explosion. "I'm glad they're out of the hospital but this is ridiculous."

But this time the thieves are caught on camera by a Ring doorbell, recording thieves hitting a vacant home on Greydale Street early in the morning. Neighbors believe they may have been scoping it out.

"They came in pretty early... definitely something planned pretty well."

Cameras capturing one of the thieves holding the door open and fidgeting with it, before breaking in.
"We're trying to get houses together -- don't tear them apart," Ziembowicz said.

The two men were seen walking into the home together and on video you can even hear them inside the house.

Minutes later the two crooks can be seen on video casually walking out with that furnace.

"It's dangerous. It is," Reeves said. "You don't know if they left the gas on."

DTE is offering a $2,500 reward for information leading to an arrest in those two cases in Harper Woods. Investigators are unsure if they're related as Detroit police are hoping someone out there knows who these men are.

"This happens and neighbors are starting to look out for neighbors and that's what we need," Ziembowicz said.

Do you recognize those men? You know what to do, contact Detroit police at 313-596-5800.

"Say something," Ziembowicz said. "Honestly my husband would give you a job. He'd give you a chance. Let's stop tearing our city apart and let's start rebuilding it together."