Life Remodeled campaign improves 300 blocks on Detroit's west side

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Today is officially the last day of cleanup for a campaign designed to improve 300 blocks on Detroit's West- Side. 

“It's amazing, I think the only property that was cleared was mine on this block now all of it is cleared and we hope that they maintain them, it’s beautiful," resident Garland Hardeman said.

They labored long and hard and in some cases alongside community members to get it done and now that it is many can just let out a sigh of relief and look to the future.

Fox 2: “How does it change your life personally?”  

“Well it's a great motivator to know people care enough to volunteer to come to our community," Hardeman said.

Monday through Saturday Life Remodeled is focusing on the 300 blocks around the old durfee elementary working to transform them, cleaning up in so many ways.

They've cleared 70 alleys so far their goal 100 and they may make that by Saturday.

"Everybody has tremendous heart and a strong love for Detroit and we just try to do our part,” Dwan Dandridge said with Life Remodeled. 

Volunteers are put to work, planting and enhancing public spaces.

“Seeing that we’re going to put smiles on all these people’s faces eventually one day, and putting plant into the ground they’re going to make the area look nicer,” volunteer Madelin Skene said. 

Volunteer also were removing weeds, and even clearing old newspapers anything you can think of.

This is year 2 of a four-year commitment to the area for life remodeled. Piles of debris won't be here long if they have anything to say about it.