'Like he vanished' man disappears after hit and run

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A Metro Detroit family is looking for help after they've been unable to locate their loved one after he was allegedly involved in a hit-and-run. 

Police confirmed a crash happened on I-96 and Telegraph Sunday night, and can also confirm one of the vehicles belonged to the missing man, Terrance Hayes. But police say his car was left at the scene and Hayes, who police can't confirm was driving the car, left. The driver of the other vehicle took off.

"He would never do something like this," says Taylor Johnson, the missing man's girlfriend. "All the stories we have been getting, nothing is adding up."

"We don't know what is going on," says his sister, Daija Stewart.

Everyone is asking why would he hit a car and take off?

"That's (not like him)," Daija says. "He is loved by all of his family, his friends, people at his job are calling me constantly. They are worried sick about him."

He was leaving a cousin's house at 10:45 Sunday in Royal Oak. His girlfriend says she woke up early Monday around 3 a.m. and felt something wasn't right.

"He left his cousin's house but never showed up, I knew something was wrong," Johnson says. "That's when everybody ended up panicking."

No one has heard from him since. 

The family has contacted hospitals, jails and even John Does at the morgue.

Michigan State Police impounded the car registered to Hayes late Sunday. Police say it had been in an accident with another car. When they arrived, they found the driver of the other car - but not whomever was driving Hayes' car.

They say the doors were locked and they didn't see keys.

"(He wouldn't) run away from the cops, leave (his) phone in the car, lock it up and just go about (his) life," Daija says. "That doesn't make sense. We need the answers."

What happened to this 28-year-old man? His family needs to know.

Hayes' sister pinged his cell phone and she says it turned up in the lot where Michigan State Police towed his car. Hayes had a suspended driver's license and some unpaid traffic tickets, but his sister and girlfriend don't believe he would leave the scene.