Livonia man dying from cancer takes the Uber wheel for his family

That was when a chance passenger settled into his car and changed his life.

Ken Borskey of Livonia was diagnosed with stage four cancer and has been told it's time for hospice care. About 21 months ago, his doctor said the 69-year-old would only have a year to live. 

With just a few weeks left to live, Ken started driving for Uber in hopes of trying to leave something behind for his daughter and two grandchildren. 

Enter Roland Gainer.

"He started telling me his story and I was compelled," Roland said.

The 22-year-old community college student took his short ride with Ken and learned his story. 

"I never really think about dying because I have this drive to want to last with Uber as longs as I possibly can to leave as much money for her before I die," Ken said.

So Roland, being a son of a cancer survivor, set up a GoFundMe account to help Ken. So far, he's raised $21,000 toward his $95,000 goal. 

Now, Uber is lending a hand too. The company is donating $1 to everyone who rides and uses the promo code uberpartnerken. You have until April 20th to help out.

Roland said he's had a blessed life so far, and is happy to be part of Ken's as he prepares for his final goodbye.

"I'm glad I was able to bless Ken with the blessings that I have," Roland said.

As for Ken, his time is getting short and he knows the meaning of life.

"After getting to this terminal stage, I now realize life is all about family and friends. everything else is just there," Ken said.

Click here for Ken Borskey's GoFundMe account and lend a hand.