Livonia teacher in coma after being hit by car while jogging along Merriman

A Livonia teacher was left in a coma tonight after being hit by a car while jogging along Merriman near West Chicago.

A pastor who also works as a police chaplain offering support to families facing tragedy is now facing his own.

"Now all of a sudden you have to practice what you preach," said Pastor Joel Lindman.

On Monday morning, Pastor Lindman's daughter Janelle Thorne was jogging in a Livonia neighborhood when she was hit by a car. Now family members, including Janelle's mother and her husband, keep a watch at the hospital bedside of Janelle who is a popular teacher at Livonia Public Schools.

"She's has serious concussion, head injury, broken arm. Each day we are a little more hopeful," he said.

And the family says the community's support is adding to their hope after an event was held in Janelle's honor this week. Pastor Lindman says he has not heard from the motorist who hit his daughter but he has this message for him.

"I understand the man is obviously pretty shaken up and I appreciate that and my message to him is we're praying for you obliviously it was an accident," he said.

Pastor Lindman says police are still looking into the incident and as the family waits for Janelle to come around, the pastor says this incident will impact his ministry 

"The trial that I'm facing now I'm trusting I will have an even greater empathetic heart towards what people deal with," he said.