Looters take TVs, clothing from Target during protests in Minneapolis

Looters have struck a Target store as protests over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis continue.

FOX 9 crews witnessed groups of looters running in and out of the Target location off East Lake Street Wednesday evening. The store just steps away from Minneapolis police's 3rd Precinct, the center of the protests over the death of George Floyd.

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Loading up a dolly, looters were seen running off with everything from televisions to clothes to groceries.

The looting comes as Wednesday's protests have become more violent. While most protesters have rallied peacefully, a portion of the group have thrown objects at officers and smashed precinct windows. Officers have responded by firing rubber bullets at the offenders.

Protesters are calling for charges against the officer involved in George Floyd's death. Floyd died at a hospital after being taken into custody by police on Monday.

Video shows an officer pressing his knee into Floyd's neck as Floyd cries that he cannot breathe.

The four officers involved with the arrest have been fired but not charged at this time. Federal investigators have joined local authorities in the investigation into Floyd's death.