Macomb County deputies save 2-year-old found face-down in swimming pool

It was a normal Saturday morning and 2-year-old Mira was eating breakfast watching cartoons while her parents were doing chores in house.

By the time they realized she was outside, Mira had made it to the pool, and was face down and unconscious. Mira's father says that what happened next was a miracle.

"They saved her life even if I do everything for these people, I can't be thankful enough," said Saif Lateef.

Two-year-old Mira Lateef is now smiling in her father's arms, seemingly unaware of what happened to her just 48 hours earlier. when this 911 call was made.

911 Dispatcher: "Ma'am I cant understand you stop screaming. What is going on?"

Caller: "My daughter fell (into) the swimming pool."

A panic call made after realizing Mira had left the house on her own and fell into their pool.

"It is just one of those calls you hope you never receive," said Macomb County Sheriff's Office Cmdr. Jason Abro.

Dispatcher: "Is (she) breathing?"

Caller: "No."

The dispatcher attempted to help the family revive Mira before help arrived.

"Her heartbeat is not there, and she is not breathing," said Saif.

Within two minutes of placing that call - deputies arrived.

"I see the police start jumping the fence they are coming from everywhere," Saif said.

Deputies then take over, waiting on an ambulance stuck in a construction zone. When every second matters, choices must be made.

"And then a collaborative decision was made at the scene by our fire personnel from Macomb Township and by our sheriff deputies," said Abro. "They had to transport the child."

They couldn't wait for the ambulance. A Macomb Township firefighter took Mira in the back of a Macomb County Deputy's car performing CPR while en route to the hospital.  

"You can just imagine the stress and anxiety that's going on at the scene," said Abro.

"They did amazing - in a few seconds they left with her and got her to the hospital," said Saif.

From there she was airlifted to Royal Oak and is now back home in Macomb Township, expected to make a full recovery.

Her father has secured the pool ladder to ensure only adults can raise and lower it now and added extra barriers to prevent Mira from leaving the house. They also have plans to thank the first responders in person.