Making chorizo chili with the Dorsey Culinary Academy

Chorizo Chili
Adapted from: On Cooking 5/e : Chapter 13 (pp 324)
Yield: 6 qt     Serving Size: 1 fl oz     # of Servings: 192

vegetable oil 1/2 fl oz 
leeks (ground or minced) 1 ea 
rutabaga (ground or minced) 8 oz 
parsnip (ground or minced) 8 oz 
carrot (ground or minced) 8 oz 
celery root (ground or minced) 8 oz 
red onion (ground or minced) 8 oz 
white turnips (ground or minced) 8 oz 
poblano chili pepper (diced) 2 ea 
garlic (chopped) 2 oz 
chorizo 5 lb. 
Mexican chocolate 4 oz 
beer 24 fl oz 
Chicken Stock 16 fl oz 
canned diced tomatoes 3 lb. 
lime (juiced) 3 ea 
fresh cilantro (chopped) 1 oz 
salt 2 tsp 
DCC Mole Seasoning 1/2 cup 
Sweat all the vegetables in a thick bottom sauce pan or rondeau once translucent season with salt.
Sear the chorizo in the same pan the vegetables were sweat in.
Season the chorizo with the DCC Mole Seasoning while it is searing.
Once seared, add the chopped Mexican chocolate, beer and chicken stock.
Reduce the liquid until it is almost dry.
Add the tomatoes and lime juice.
Adjust seasoning with salt.
Add the cilantro once the chili is removed from the heat.

Mole Seasoning
Yield: 2 cups     Serving Size: 1/2 cups     # of Servings: 4

ancho chili pepper 2 ea 
serrano chili pepper 2 ea 
chili powder 1/4 cup 
black peppercorns 1 tbl 
cinnamon stick 1 ea 
sesame seeds 3 tbl 
dried ground oregano 2 tbl 
dried ground thyme 2 tbl 
slivered almonds 2 oz 
Toast the peppers, peppercorns, sesame, almonds, and cinnamon in a sauté pan lightly.
Grind all toasted ingredients in a coffee grinder.
Combine all ingredients, label and store in a zip lock bag

Corn Bread Mix
Yield: 1/2 gal     Serving Size: 2 fl oz     # of Servings: 32

granulated sugar 10 oz 
yellow cornmeal 5 oz 
baking powder 1 oz 
all-purpose flour 12 oz 
salt 1/4 oz 
water 1 1/4 cups 
eggs (whole) 8 oz 
corn oil 6 fl oz 
combine all ingredients in mixer
slowly add the wet ingredients
mix until homogenized
place in plastic container label and date.

Giardiniera (Pickled Garden Veg)
Yield: 0.75 gal     Serving Size: 1/4 cup     # of Servings: 48

red bell pepper 1 lb. 
yellow bell pepper 1 lb. 
red onion 1 lb. 
carrot (peeled) 1 lb. 
celery 1 lb. 
olive oil 4 fl oz 
white vinegar (balsamic) 1 qt 
kosher salt 1 tbl 
granulated sugar 3.5 oz 
black peppercorns (whole) 1/2 oz 
fresh basil (stems and leaves) 3/4 oz 
dried bay leaves 4 ea 
water 2 cups 
red chili pepper 1/4 oz 
remove seeds from the chilis, discard the seeds and soak in 2 cups of hot water.
prepare cooking liquid by combining the chili water, basil stems, bay leaves, vinegar, salt, sugar let that simmer.
cut all vegetables into 1in long thin slices, celery, on a bias and carrots in half-moons.
strain out the aromatics from the vinegar mixture.
cook each vegetable in the vinegar mixture.
Vegetables must be cooked one type at a time, since the vegetables will cook at different rates.

Adapted from: American Regional Cooking 1e: Chapter 2 (pp 2)
Yield: 20 slices     Serving Size: 1.5 slices     # of Servings: 20

DCC Dough Pizza 24 oz 
olive oil 2 tbl 
ham (thin sliced) 12 oz 
Genoa salami (thin sliced) 6 oz 
Mozzarella Cheese (shredded) 6 oz 
parmesan cheese (grated) 4 oz 
cracked black pepper 0.5 tsp 
salt 0.5 tsp 
Preheat a Convection Oven to 425F.
Prepare a full sheet tray by brushing with olive oil
Roll out the pizza dough into a two foot long skateboard shape that is 8" wide.
Brush the dough with olive oil and season.
cover the dough with the ham slices being careful to leave a 1/4" ring of uncovered dough around the edge of the dough.
Sprinkle the mozzarella over the ham as you would for a pizza.
Cover the mozzarella with a layer of salami
Sprinkle the Parmesan over the salami.
Tightly roll the dough around the meat and cheese. Make sure the seam is facing down.
Place the stromboli on the sheet tray and brush with olive oil and season before baking.
You can fit 3-4 full size strombli on a sheet tray
Bake at 425 for 10-15 minutes.Looking for a nice golden brown on the stromboli
 Let the stromboli cool for at least 5 minutes before cutting on a bias in 11/2" strips

DCC Dough Pizza
Yield: 5 lb.     Serving Size: 5 oz     # of Servings: 16

all purpose flour 3 lb.  12 oz 
extra virgin olive oil 2 oz 
dry active yeast 1 oz 
honey 1 oz 
kosher salt 1/2 pinch 
tap water 1 qt 
mix water (110 degrees ), honey, extra virgin olive oil, and yeast: let activate for 10 min
add flour and salt to mixture and stiff dough.
let dough ferment until it doubles in size
punch dough down
portion out to 5oz  dough balls  (portion 1.5lb for Stromboli)
ball the dough
put on a oiled sheet tray wrap with plastic trash bag and refrigerate*do not let dough dry out. moisten with olive oil and cover with plastic bag.