Man charged in fatal crash avoids prison, sentenced to three years probation

60-year-old Malcolm Davis will avoid prison, but will spend the next three years on probation. 

He was sentenced Friday for failing to stop at the scene of an accident that took place April 9th and that took 41-year-old Gerald Massey’s life. 

It all happened on Detroit’s west side, Davis drove through a stop sign while heading westbound on Puritan at Lindsay. Massey was riding his motorcycle northbound on Lindsey and struck Davis’s car. 

He was rushed to a nearby hospital. 

“The doctor comes into the room and says Ms. Massey, I said oh no please don’t tell me, she said we did everything we could but your son passed,” she said.  

“The problem I have with the case is the defendant didn’t stop at the scene. He had a duty to. He had a duty to report to police or stay on scene until police arrived,” The attorney stated.  

Even so, it did not take long for police to find him. They gathered remnants of blue Cadillac at the scene and determined the year of the car. 

Investigators searched their database and identified everyone in Detroit with a similar vehicle. 

That leg work led them to Davis’ home where he showed them his damaged blue Cadillac. 

Davis would later plead guilty to failing to stop at the accident.

Davis will have to undergo a substance abuse evaluation and random drug testing but he will avoid prison time. He was charged with a five-year felony but will serve three years on probation.