Man finds message in a bottle from estranged mother missing her kids

A chance hunting trip turns up a mystery for Brandon Newman.

He was goose hunting Friday morning in Brighton at the Island Lake State Recreation Area when he went to a little bit different spot than he typically does. Newman says he noticed a glass bottle sitting in the river and he didn't want trash in the river -- so he picked it up.

But this definitely wasn't trash. It was a bottle carrying a letter, with a message from an estranged mother who hasn't seen her kids in about 2 and 1/2 years. It included three photos of her children, Amira, Raheem and Faith. The letter was dated Mother's Day of 2015. 

"The letter went to each child, addressing them and her memories of them, and what they meant to her, and how she wished they were there on Mother's Day," Newman said.

Brandon admits it sounds desperate and even morbid in parts, but on the last page a bit of hope the woman leaves her phone number for anyone who finds it. He's guessing it floated down the Huron River.

He hopes that someone recognizes the kid's names and can get them the letter, or at least back to the woman who penned it. 

If you want to watch the entire video that Brandon took while he was discovering this message in a bottle, click here (language warning.)