Man reported trying to lure kids into his car in Redford

Stranger danger in Redford Township - a man was spotted trying to lure children into his car Wednesday.

The incident proved to be a wake-up call for parents of school aged children.

"You have sick people. So now we just have to be very careful," said resident Teresa Shimmons.

Police in Redford say as four Beech Elementary school kids waited for the bus Wednesday at the corner of Alton and Ivanhoe they were approached by an older white man with grey hair and a blue sweater.

They say he pulled up in an older model blue car that resembled a taxi and motioned for the kids to “come on and get in.”

"To think that someone is out here messing with the kids or wanting to approach them - it just makes us sick," Shimmons said.

Shimmons lives at the corner and says with the amount of kids in the neighborhood this news is disturbing.

"This is tough on our neighborhoods," she said. "We have kids who play out in the neighborhood."

In this case, however police say the kids did the right thing - telling the bus driver and their parents who were able to call police just ten minutes after it happened.

"We've always told our kids go to a neighbor, yell, scream," she said. "Someone is always out. we are pretty vigilant around here."

The police station was just blocks away and officers responded quickly but couldn't find anything.

Police then sent out a warning to parents via social media but still haven’t been able to track the suspect down.

"Either way the people we spoke with were happy that police acted quickly to notify them that this occurred," said Shimmons. "I have the Redford website on my phone and it came up as a warning."

Anyone with information about the incidents, please call Redford Township police at (313) 387-2500.